Due to filming of Mezzo'Sopranos and other short films, I have not performed live since December.  Look out for Mezzo'Sopranos on

J -Frank

Stand-up Comedian
"Jester of my own reality"

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iiiiiit's jjjjj frank!

About me

Then life kicked my ass...

I started my journey with a horrible childhood, the ghetto and the ambition of the world's biggest loser. I knew that money would be my ticket out and I sucked at school so I worked at all types of jobs to see where I fit in the best. At the young age of 29 I got my first real job but i still wasn't making money. I struggled and thought to myself maybe a wife and kids will change things... The kids were great, the wife wasn't... I figured out everything at the very ripe age of 45... It's all a game! Take life as it comes and if you can joke, laugh about it and make others laugh then might as well do it. It's not once around the park anyway... ;0)



Currently just echoes, but very relaxing...


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